Working to End Sexual Violence and Help Survivors Find Hope for Healing


Dancing is My Voice is committed to raising awareness of sexual violence, helping survivors find hope and healing, and contributing toward ending sexual violence.

Lisa Aneiva, Founder

In 2010 I accomplished my lifelong dream:  To start my own business and open my own brick-and-mortar location, Creativity on Fire. I also started FitLoose Health & Fitness and one of my classes was featured on Good Morning America.

After I was raped by someone in my church, my life was shattered.  I was afraid to be in my studio by myself,  even afraid to go to the grocery store.  I closed my businesses and left the state so that I could feel safer and start to heal.   This was the third time I had been raped when I could remember who did it, where I was, and how old I was.  I have other fragments of memories from childhood from which I cannot piece together an entire story.

For about six months I immersed myself in full-time trauma recovery programs.  Not only is the crime horrible, the justice system, the treatment options and insurance coverage create heartache in themselves.

Rebuilding my life has been difficult, painful and slow, but it has also been rewarding in that it has given me a new sense of purpose. Since I know first-hand the devastation that sexual violence can bring, I want to dedicate my energy to helping sexual assault survivors find hope and resources for healing.  Dancing is My Voice is not a faith-based outreach, but personally I believe that the single most important factor in my healing has been my faith which I also express through dance.

I have started working on the National Sexual Assault Hotline operated by RAINN (Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network) and have initiated events to raise awareness of sexual violence and point people toward those resources that give help and hope.   I have also started talking on the subject of sexual violence through the RAINN Speakers Bureau and Claysmile Entertainment in an effort to remove the stigma around talking about these sensitive topics so that millions more might get the help they deserve.

The Dancing is My Voice's annual fundraiser event is produced by Lisa Aneiva FP&A Consulting, LLC

RAINN Survivor Series


This series can trigger strong emotions, but it can help some survivors toward healing and realize they are not alone.